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Year round colour

The big payoff with bulbs is that they multiply each year. All that you have to do is to remember where you planted them and when they will blossom.
A good place to plant these colourful additions is on lawn fringes, but remember to leave it un-mowed so that it gives the fringes a wild meadow look.
When planting flowering bulbs rather than planting them in neat rows, that's so formal, try tossing them onto the ground and planting each bulb where it lands. We're not looking for an Olympic record in throwing either - just a gentle toss will suffice.

Another tip is not to mow too soon after flowering. This will inhibit the growth and flowering abilities of the bulb for the next season. Six weeks or until the foliage turns brown is a good indication.
How to: Small Bulbs
  •  Use a spade and cut an H shaped pattern into the identified area of grass, cutting down into the soil.
  • Carefully undercut the sods and fold back the two flaps to expose the soil underneath.
  • Hand till and loosen up the soil, mix in some slow release fertilizer and a handful of bone meal.
  • Place bulbs 2.5cm apart with the growth points facing upward.
  • With a hand fork, score the underside of the flaps, fold back and press firmly down to ensure no air is trapped under the sod.
  • Water well. 
How to: Large Bulbs
  •  Clean bulbs, and hand scatter them by hand in your designated area.
  • Make a 10 to 15cm hole for each with a planting spade, keeping the section of grass, and fill the hole with a mixture of the soil from the hole and bone meal.
  • Place the bulb on top with the growing point facing upward. Replace the section of grass over the bulb, press down firmly and fill in any gaps with soil.
Choose bulbs native to your area and for the correct season.
Jeremy Killian


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