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The actors in your play, plants are the living element with which you dress your gardens skeleton. Unlike the brick and mortar of your house, plants are alive, eating drinking and absorbing energy from the sun. Care must be taken before deciding on the plants in your garden, to make sure they will work with the assessments of your geographical environment, available light, the presence of shade and the changing of seasons. Therefore it is wisest to choose from a pallet of workable plants, ensuring they thrive and grow.
Colour, texture, foliage types and plant size are the determining factors in deciding on plants for a particular style. Your style will also determine the size of leaves, texture of plants and whether plants are mixed or massed together. Ones colour choice is the most important, and the personal part of planting. This is where your preferences influence the style and deciding on what colours one doesn’t like is the easiest way to narrow this down. It leaves the pallet devoid of non starters and gives you your want list. Remember that colour can also come from leaf growth, mixing greens with variegated, greys, yellows and red foliage will give the garden colour without a single flower being present. Once the colour pallet is decided on, then seasonal flowering must be considered to ensure flowers bloom in all the seasons. 
Below is a gallery of plants with various colours, textures, foliage types and plant sizes to narrow down your likes. It has been numbered to allow for easier listing. Make a list and see your garden fill up with all the actors to dress your skeleton and star in your gardens play.

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